Lovino in his preist outfit


Age: 21

Birthday: 2nd June 1989

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Species: Human

Likes: Pizza, pasta, ice cream, napping, praying, painting, music, yelling at people... and maybe Antonio.

Dislikes: Pretty much everything else.


A young priest of the Vatican, Lovino is the one in charge of handling matters with the Hunters, giving them holy water and so on. Though he tries to be holy, in truth, his nature is very loud and angry, and he's easily jealous of others. He had a twin brother, Feliciano, who is now presumed dead, as he went missing 5 years ago. He's oddly envious of him, as his parents always did pay more attention to him that they did to Lovino, and even more so after his death. This has spawned an inferiority complex the size of St Paul's Cathedral.

He joined the church from a young age and abhors any supernatural beings, mainly because he's absolutely terrified of them. His grandfather, Romulus, was a hunter in the order, and Lovino was expected to take his place, but couldn't rise to the challenge physically. Instead, he takes care of finances, relations and paperwork. This only makes his complex over being so "useless" worse.

He has some rather... complex feelings towards Antonio, Gabriel's brother. He can't imagine why the legendary hunter would name a cat after his frequently absent brother, but he definitely finds the cat Antonio easier to be around than the human one. After all, the human one inspires all sorts of strange emotions he was meant to have had trained out of him in the first place, much less towards a male.

Tends to treat Vash like his personal messenger. Since the Senior Cardinal assigned the Swiss Guard to him, he's technically meant to use him as a body guard, but instead just makes him do his dirty work for him.